Frequently asked questions

Won’t my child eventually outgrow their developmental challenges on their own?

Every child is unique and advances at a different pace, so while it’s possible that children will outgrow certain challenges, delays also may be signs of disorders for which early intervention is critical to maximize progress and ensure the best outcomes. Overwhelming research shows that intervention is more effective the earlier it’s given, so it’s best to have any issues identified as soon as possible.

Is there evidence that early intervention really works?

Decades of rigorous research indicates that early intervention plays a critical role in brain development, positively change childrens’ developmental paths, and improve outcomes for children and their families. Please click here for information on the latest research.

What will early intervention services cost me?

Early intervention is available at no cost to you. The program is supported by federal, state, and local funding.

What does a “parent coaching model” mean?

According to the latest research in child development, parent coaching and family training has been shown to produce the best outcomes for children with developmental disabilities and delays. Goldstar therapists provide training and coaching for families and caregivers as well, so that they can effectively use therapeutic techniques in their everyday interactions with their child. This helps ensure the results of your child’s therapy are not short-lived, but lifelong and continuous throughout his or her life.

Where will my child’s early intervention therapy sessions take place?

Sessions take place at your home, your child’s daycare center, or or any community setting of your choice (i.e. local park, library, relative’s home, etc.). Our aim is to enable your child to learn how to navigate his/her natural environment and interact with family and caregivers.

Can I request which agency I want to work with?

Yes! You can request the agency of your choice. To request Goldstar as your provider, contact us at 215-220-2210.

Does every early intervention agency provide the same quality of services?

While the state does have requirements for early intervention agencies, each agency sets their own  standards for their therapists and delivery of services. Goldstar therapists are held to the highest standards, with sessions structured around achieving a clearly designated hierarchy of skills. Our staff is highly trained and supported, which leads to better outcomes for children and families. Everything we do is singularly focused on ensuring that your child and family receive the services you need to thrive.

Do you serve bilingual families?

Yes. We have bilingual therapists and interpreters on staff and would be happy to accommodate your needs as best we can. Just get in touch with us and submit your request so we can make the necessary arrangements.

I’m concerned about having someone I don’t know in my home, especially someone who may not be culturally sensitive to our family.

We understand the hesitancy of inviting someone you don’t know into your home. Our diverse staff respect the culture and values of each family we serve and relate to families from many backgrounds and cultures.

I’ve been told that during early intervention therapy, someone comes to my home to play with my child. Is that true?

Early intervention often looks like play because play is the language of your child. Goldstar therapists are trained to teach you to use your child’s natural surroundings, toys, and activities to help them develop the skills they need. The therapeutic methods and techniques we use are all supported by rigorous research.